A+R+T in Grand Center

August 1, 2012

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art-at-grand-center-300ART Installation in Grand Center

Grand Center has a new public art installation! ART at Grand Center is an interactive illuminated metal sculpture located near Strauss Park on the side of the 3526 Washington Building, proving that art can truly be everywhere.

Project Narrative by Jasmin Aber

We have created a LED light installation that will be applied on the facade of the building. ART as a sign and as a message will embrace the building. ART and the architecture will be united as one piece of installation. At nighttime the neon letters illuminate the building and emphasize on the ever-changing nature of art and architecture. Shadow is also a crucial feature of the sculpture of ART. The shadows of the metals will move and fluctuate during the day in a different manner than it does at night when illuminated.

As a way of activating the building on site and also the public space around it, there are many vantage points to view and experience the sculpture. The fascinating experience that is created is that the sculpture can look very literal from one viewpoint and extremely abstract from another. It is also very dynamic in the effect of the changing programmable lights at night and the shifting interlace of the shadows in the afternoon. The free flowing structure and embedded lights on building and site will encourage interaction between the public, art and the pedestrians. The transitional nature of art in our contemporary society is the driving conceptual force for this project.

Project Commissioned by:

Ken Kranzberg

Vision, installation Design & interactive concept by:

Jasmin Aber
Director CEL – Center for Architecture, Design & Innovation Center (Creative Exchange Lab)


Derek R. Lauer, AIA,
Lauer Architecture Progressive Design

LED Lighting by:

Gavin Perry
Good Practical Technology Solutions

Installed by:

Foreman Fabricators, Inc.
Harold Bradshaw / Nelson Vogt

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