Cotton Belt Mississippi Mondo Intervention

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Cotton Belt Mississippi Mondo Intervention was conceived by Jasmin Aber in 2012. After sharing the concept and the project proposal with the owners and making sure they are on board, she submitted the proposal in Dec. 2012 the proposal was one of the top three most voted and winning projects and by February 2013 got 110% funding to make the intervention happen. Here is how one of the local newspapers covered it:

The Cotton Belt building is on 1st Street between Florida and Dickson – Google Map:,-90.182961&spn=0.005443,0.


The owners of a strategically located and very unique building, the Cotton Belt Rail Depot, are offering its Eastern facade (facing the new Mississippi River bridge) as new and massive welcome sign, mural, front lawn, interactive art installation, and unifying volunteer event. Built in 1911, the Cotton Belt Rail Depot is 750 feet long and 60 feet tall.

The Intervention will be a much needed push for the St. Louis Riverfront, fostering geographic, economic and cultural friendship.The Cotton Belt – Mississippi Mondo Intervention project will create these connections.

The Creative Exchange Lab – Center for Architecture & Design St. Louis, a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 promoting architecture, design, art & technology as catalyst in strengthening the fabric of our communities and the economic development of our city, will facilitate a design contest for the 750 x 60 ft. icon.

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