HSSU Masterplan

CEL is collaborating with Harris-Stowe State University on their masterplan project

Some of the outcomes we hope to see are the followings:

Neighborhood outcomes:

  • a neighborhood that is financially stable
  • a diverse community (mixed-income/financial diversity, demographic, gender, ethnicity, race)
  • productively engaged citizenry
  • a community that is integrated into the region/connectivity
  • aesthetic neighborhood (nice appearance)
  • a neighborhood with access to healthy foods/lifestyle opportunities
  • a self-sufficient neighborhood (with localized job/training opportunities)
  • walkability to basic services
  • a neighborhood that feels safe
  • a neighborhood that is economically stable
  • a neighborhood with access to quality education and quality healthcare

Housing outcomes:

  • engaged youth
  • families owning homes
  • residents communication
  • residents working
  • safe communities

People outcomes:

  • engaged and educated youth
  • healthy residents
  • safe and well maintained community
  • residents engaging positively
  • residents working
  • community without homelessness
  • fully invested St. Louis community
  • technology for all in the community
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