STL LIVE interview on CEL and Our Town project

STL LIVE – CEL Center for Architecture + Design STL
HOST: Raynah Rey
SHOW DATE: August 15, 2016

Recently Creative Exchange Lab took a cultural assets assessment of East St. Louis to develop an economic strategy that could lead to more development. My guests today are Executive Director of Creative Exchange Lab, Jasmin Aber and Joanna Dee Das…

Guest: Jasmin Aber/ Executive Director, Creative Exchange Lab
Guest: Joanna Dee Das, PhD/Katherine Dunham Expert

CEL Center for Architecture + Design Stl/ A Cultural Corridor and strategic plan for East St. Louis/ this NEA ‘Our Town’ project and its cultural asset mapping will unfold over 2016 and 2017/ Locations will vary/ 314-256-9317

In 2015, Creative Exchange Labs was awarded a National Endowment of the Arts grant for its proposal to map the cultural assets of East St. Louis. The cultural-led economic strategy takes the long view of developing a unique plan for the community of East St. Louis City that utilizes its landmarks to boost economic development. From July to October, Creative Exchange Labs will host a series of talks that highlight these assets. Visit for dates, times and locations.

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