Chandler Ahrens at CEL Center for Architecture + Design StL.

Microsoft Word - Klimasymmetry press release-4 design week x.doc


STL TV LIVE – Klimasymmetry
HOST: Sarah Thompson
SHOW DATE: September 15th 2015
Guest: Chandler Ahrens/Architect & Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis
Guest : Jasmin Aber/Executive Director of the Creative Exchange Lab and Center for Architecture + Design StL

Info: Klimasymmetry opening/Friday September 4 through November 25/ location: Creative Exchange Lab / Center for Architecture + Design StL/

The Klimasymmetry installation is designed according to the way the human body physiologically perceives temperature and how those perceptions can define a space surrounding the object. For more information visit creativeexchangelab(dot)com.

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